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Dr. Atkins New Diet Revolution (Atkins) Review

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‘Dr. Atkins New Diet Revolution’ is, without a doubt, one of the most famous and widely followed diets in the world. This diet was developed by Dr. Robert Atkins, a cardiologist and general physician in the early 1960’s primarily to combat his own weight gain. After successfully formulating a diet that helped him lose all of his excess weight (and keep it off) he helped 60 of his patients successfully lose weight in the same way. The diet rapidly shot to fame shortly afterwards, being featured in Vogue Magazine and on a number of television shows in 1970. The first edition of this popular diet was published in 1972, selling millions of copies. This version of the diet incorporates a number of features dealing with some of the criticisms of the diet, as well as bringing the diet a little more up to date in terms of ingredients and foods identified within the course of the diet.

For those who don’t already know, the ‘Dr. Atkins New Diet Revolution’ diet is designed to push your body into a state of fat meltdown (known as ‘ketosis’), targeting insulin production to reduce fat storage. Put simply, by heavily restricting carbohydrate intake (foods that are easily converted into energy), the body is forced to burn excess fat, resulting in weight loss. Arguably the ‘big daddy’ of the low-carbohydrate diets (diets that have become incredibly popular in recent years), the high success rate of the ‘Dr. Atkins New Diet Revolution’ diet has garnered a great deal of celebrity support.

‘Dr. Atkins New Diet Revolution’ is the second basic edition of this diet and incorporates a number of additional elements that weren’t present in the first diet. Firstly, dieters can expect a full explanation of the theory behind the diet and seven new chapters that deal with a range of issues including food intolerances, heart disease and protection, nutritional supplements, the psychology of weight loss and more. The book also features a carbohydrate gram counter (to ensure you’re taking in no more than the exact amount of carbohydrates), an easy to use index that allows you to find out more about your favorite foods (and recipes that contain them) and hundreds of low-carbohydrate recipes to help you along the way. The sheer breadth of these features and the diet’s companion products illustrate just why the ‘Dr. Atkins New Diet Revolution’ stayed at the top of the New York Times Bestsellers list for more than 250 weeks!

That said, ‘Dr. Atkins New Diet Revolution’ is not without its detractors. Many claim that the diet is detrimental to health, doesn’t promote healthy eating and can actually cause more health problems than the resultant weight loss will correct. Furthermore, following the diet in the long term can be difficult and many dieters report a number of unpleasant side effects (such as headaches, bloating, flatulence and occasional dizziness to name but a few) if the diet is followed to-the-letter. All in all, we think dieters should weigh up the negative side-effects against the rapid weight-loss that can be achieved with this diet and make a decision based on what is right for them. One thing is for sure – you’ll never be hungry if you choose the Atkins diet!

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