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I Can Make You Thin (Paul McKenna) Review

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Paul McKenna’s ‘I Can Make You Thin’ is the revolutionary diet program aimed at helping people lose their excess weight through a combination of positive thinking and hypnosis therapy. Already used by more than three million people around the world, the ‘I Can Make You Thin’ system relies on embedding simple, common sense principles into the minds of serial dieters, helping them ditch the fads and start taking control of their eating habits once more. Described by many as the Dr. Phil of the UK, Paul McKenna has been helping scores of celebrities, royalty, business leaders and sportsmen and women deal with their stress, eliminate excess weight, quit smoking and overcome insomnia for a number of years – all through the same, tried and tested techniques.

‘I Can Make You Thin’ relies on the same basic principles as all of McKenna’s self-help books and CD’s – that is, all bad and unwanted habits can be corrected by taking control of the situation and exercising positive thinking. With ‘I Can Make You Thin’ McKenna suggests dieters follow four, simple principles. Firstly, that dieters only eat when they are hungry. Next, dieters are encouraged to eat what they like, and in so doing, enjoy every single mouthful consciously. Finally, dieters are encouraged to stop eating, regardless how much food is left on the plate, when they are full. By reading the book (for many users, more than once) and listening to the CD to reinforce the message, these simple rules become engrained in your consciousness and help you start winning the fight to lose weight.

While this diet is perhaps not an ideal choice for everyone, especially those who have struggled with other diets that involve similar techniques, many will find the overall feel of the ‘I Can Make You Thin’ plan refreshing. Firstly, there’s no set meal plan, with dieters allowed to eat whatever they like (and indeed, how much they like), whenever they like. Similarly, for the same reasons, dieters following the ‘I Can Make You Thin’ plan shouldn’t ever feel hungry or deprived, as they themselves are encouraged to take control of their eating and eat when they need to. Secondly, dieters don’t have to couple the diet with a strict exercise regime (although there is no harm in doing so), meaning the diet is perfect for exercise-phobics or those who find prolonged periods of exercise physically difficult. Finally, the diet is straightforward and easy to follow, remaining relatively jargon free throughout (although, while we have to admit the cover of the book does make the diet seem a little gimmicky, the inside of the book tells a different story).

All in all, ‘I Can Make You Thin’ helps you feel more motivated to lose weight than you ever have before, allowing you to make small changes to conquer your issues with food and overeating. Although McKenna’s plan is unlikely to suit everyone (but then again, what diet does?) we think this program is an ideal choice for those who are serious about losing weight. Check it out today!

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