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You Can Be Thin: The Ultimate Program to End Dieting Forever (Peer) Reviews

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You Can Be Thin: The Ultimate Program to End Dieting Forever (Peer) Review

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‘You Can Be Thin’ is the diet program designed by Marisa Peer, the nutritionist and fitness expert from TV’s Celebrity Fit Club. Described by many as the ‘ultimate diet program’, ‘You Can Be Thin’ has been featured in Glamour Magazine, You Magazine and the UK’s Daily Mirror and remains one of the most popular diet programs currently on the market. ‘You Can Be Thin’ teaches dieters how to reprogram their thinking on food and cravings to alter their feelings and associations towards food. By understanding that every individual overeats for different reasons, ‘You Can Be Thin’ eschews a one size fits all approach and helps individuals tailor their own eating plans to achieve great results.

The foundation of the ‘You Can Be Thin’ program is breaking harmful eating patterns and getting to the root causes of overeating and poor diet. By addressing a dieters head, and not just their stomach, the results achieved on Marisa’s diet plan are more sustainable and long-term than those offered elsewhere. What’s more, because ‘You Can Be Thin’ is all about personal choices, you should never feel hungry or deprived – simply eat when you’re hungry. In order to reinforce the message of the book, ‘You Can Be Thin’ also includes a hypnosis session CD that helps dieters to control urges to eat badly or overeat. A key element of the ‘You Can Be Thin’ is knowledge, so Marisa also uses a number of the chapters of the book to explain the science behind the diet, the effect that food intolerances and allergies have on your health and the real effect of diet pills and other fads. Importantly, understanding how your body works and how you actually lose weight helps dieters understand why ‘You Can Be Thin’ works – meaning they are more likely to stick to the diet in the long term.

As Marisa Peers is also a fitness expert, it’s unsurprising that ‘You Can Be Thin’ contains a certain degree of exercise in order to boost weight loss. The difference between this diet plan and others on the market is that the exercise recommended by Marisa comes in fun, short bursts that you can do at home. Not only does this remove the need to pay for expensive gym memberships or buy gym equipment, but it also means that you don’t need to feel self conscious about exercising. All in all, Marisa’s extensive (24 years) experience in gyms and exercise therapy really come through in the book, helping those who previously hadn’t done much exercise get active once again.

One of the most refreshing aspects of the book is that the tone and style adopted by Marisa is both friendly and positive – she emphasises the need to take control of diet and eating habits in a non-accusative, non-patronising way; perfect for those who have tried and failed at diets in the past. Although we would have liked more recipes and meal plans to help dieters in the early stages, the rest of the diet is perfect for those who are serious about losing weight, but are put off by other diets that rely totally on exclusion and deprivation. Give this plan a try today!

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