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Beyond Chocolate: How to Stop Yo-Yo Dieting and Lose Weight for Good (Boss & Boss) Reviews

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Beyond Chocolate: How to Stop Yo-Yo Dieting and Lose Weight for Good (Boss & Boss) Review

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We all know that struggling with fad diets and a cycle of weight loss-weight gain seems to be par for the course for many women. ‘Beyond Chocolate’ was written from this perspective – for real women, by real women – in order to advocate a new, liberating approach to healthy eating and having a healthy relationship with food. The book’s authors, Sophie and Audrey Boss, write from their own experience (and from the experiences of those women they interviewed in their diet focus groups when preparing for the book) of yo-yo dieting, meaning the suggestions and diet plans within the book are realistic and suitable for ‘real’ women everywhere.

The basic premise of ‘Beyond Chocolate’ is reconditioning your attitude to food and dieting and teaching dieters how to think about food only when they are actually hungry. As ‘Beyond Chocolate’ isn’t the sort of rigid diet plan you’re going to find in some other diet books (such as ‘Skinny Bitch’ for example) nor is it the sort of diet that relies on heavily restricted calorie intake (such as ‘7lbs in 7 Days’), most people who follow this diet shouldn’t feel hungry or deprived – just satisfied. As simple as it sounds, by teaching dieters to ask ‘Am I hungry?’ and ‘How hungry am I?’ when they go to snack or prepare a meal, ‘Beyond Chocolate’ encourages them to make choices about their food intake based on active thinking as opposed to simply coasting through, eating more than is necessary. The book also contains a collection of great healthy recipes that make sticking to the diet even easier.

One of the most important elements of the ‘Beyond Chocolate’ approach to dieting is the supportive nature of the diet. The authors of the plan have been overtly conscious when creating the diet that many find following diet plans difficult because of the feelings of restriction and deprivation, so they have created a number of supportive tools to help dieters get through difficult times. Dieters can sign up to the ‘Beyond Chocolate’ newsletter to receive advice, hints, tips, recipes and more, or sign up to the companion website (also called ‘Beyond Chocolate’) where members can talk to each other, share recipes and ask questions. The warm, friendly and inviting online features help make dieting more pleasant and result in an higher success rate for this diet than some others.

Although ‘Beyond Chocolate’ doesn’t rely on a rigid eating plan, superfoods or the exclusion of ‘bad foods’, the results are still impressive. Many dieters report long term, gradual weight loss and improved health when following this diet, largely because of the realistic approach taken by the plan’s authors. If you’re tired of yo-yo dieting and would like to see some long term results, check out ‘Beyond Chocolate’ today!

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