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French Women Don't Get Fat: The Secret of Eating for Pleasure (Guiliano) Reviews

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French Women Don't Get Fat: The Secret of Eating for Pleasure (Guiliano) Review

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‘French Women Don’t Get Fat’ is the international bestseller from French businesswomen and lifestyle expert, Mireille Guiliano. Guiliano is a former CEO of Veuve Clicquot (and its American subsidiary, Clicquot Inc.) and has been a respected writer in the diet and health market for a number of years. This particular work spent a number of weeks at the top of the New York Times Bestsellers list in 2005, relying on Guiliano’s trademark combination of straight talking and ‘French Wisdom’ to help people address their relationship with food, whilst losing weight and improving their overall health.

‘French Women Don’t Get Fat’ is based around a single notion – that the relationship with food that most women have is flawed and that with a little know-how, willpower and perseverance, dieters can discover a new relationship with food and start losing weight and feeling great. Guiliano indicates that most women view food as a guilty pleasure, instead of purely being a pleasure, and as a result, make poor choices about the foods they should eat. The solution proposed by Guilano for this issue in ‘French Women Don’t Get Fat’ is twofold. Firstly, dieters need to learn to think actively about the food they eat and understand that, if they want to be thin, they can’t expect to eat unlimited amounts of rich, fatty or unhealthy foods without seeing a negative outcome. As such, Guiliano advocates a ‘compensations v. indulgences’ approach where dieters are conditioned to make active choices about their food intake each day (a prime example is choosing to have a chocolate croissant for breakfast, and making up for this by walking to work or having a light salad for lunch). The second solution to this problem is a practical one – teaching readers about tricks and tips that help to banish cravings and solve common food problems.

A major criticism of the ‘French Women Don’t Get Fat’ diet is that it isn’t, in fact, a rigid diet plan at all. Readers won’t find extensive menu plans and lists of recipes here – instead they have to rely on their own interpretation of Guiliano’s basic principles and introduce them to their own diet in their own way. Similarly, ‘French Women Don’t Get Fat’ relies a great deal on willpower (a trait that unfortunately many who struggle with weight problems may lack), meaning it may well be unsuitable for some dieters.

If you aren’t looking to make a big change, or you’re simply looking to embrace a new way of looking at food, Guiliano’s book could well be the boost you need. Other dieters may find it difficult to stick to, given its fluid approach, and may well prefer a diet that is more prescriptive about menu choices and meal plans. If you think that Guiliano’s unique style and ‘French wisdom’ could have a positive impact on your eating habits, buy ‘French Women Don’t Get Fat’ today!

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