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Winning by Losing (Jillian Michaels) Reviews

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Winning by Losing (Jillian Michaels) Review

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‘Winning by Losing’ is the extreme new diet and fitness plan from Jillian Michaels, one of TV’s toughest and most successful fitness and health gurus. Known by many as the fearsome trainer from TV’s “The Biggest Loser”, ‘Winning by Losing’ sees Michaels translating her rigid ‘3 S’ (‘Self’, ‘Science’ and ‘Sweat’) into a diet and fitness plan that can be followed independently – both in the kitchen and in the gym! Although Michaels’ strenuous diet will require some willpower, the results speak for themselves – so if you’re ready to take the plunge and try out an extreme weight loss plan, ‘Winning by Losing’ could well be right for you!

The basis of the ‘Winning by Losing’ diet is a balanced diet that combines both ‘fast and slow oxidizers’. The book gives a comprehensive list of those foods that fit into each category and Michaels provides extensive recipe lists and meal plans to illustrate how dieters should combine these ingredients to optimum effect. Those who plan to follow the diet long term can also pick up a number of additional recipe guides and cookbooks that accompany the ‘Winning by Losing’ plan and help to add variety to the diet as a whole. In addition to the diet plan, dieters are also encouraged to undertake exercise for at least an hour per session, five times per week. In order to make this a little easier, Michaels provides week-long exercise plans, complete with photos and diagrams for each exercise.

Although we generally like ‘Winning by Losing’ and the diet is reportedly successful, we do have a few minor criticisms of the plan as a whole. Firstly, the diet and fitness plan advocated by Jillian Michaels in this book is not easy and will, for many, be a struggle. For those who may not be used to strenuous exercise or healthy and restricted eating, this plan may not be workable in the long term. Secondly, not all dieters will like Michaels’ direct and forthright style that is very much carried through into the diet and fitness plan contained in the book. Finally, although the book itself is not expensive, the fitness plan does presuppose that the dieter has access to a gym or at the very least home gym equipment, so this is an additional expense if not already available.

Fundamentally, if you follow the ‘Winning by Losing’ diet and fitness plan, you’re pretty much guaranteed to see an improvement in your weight, health and overall fitness in a matter of weeks. That said, the plan is far from easy and will require a considerable amount of willpower. If you’re ready to take drastic action to address your weight issues, ‘Winning by Losing’ could well be the diet plan you’re looking for – check it out today!

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