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Eat This, Not That: The Supermarket Survival Guide (Zinczenko & Goulding) Reviews

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Eat This, Not That: The Supermarket Survival Guide (Zinczenko & Goulding) Review

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‘Eat This, Not That’ is a grocery store food guide written by David Zinczenko and Matt Goulding, both experts at top health, diet and fitness magazine, Mens Health. ‘Eat This, Not That’ shows you the ways in which you can keep eating the meals you love whilst finding alternative ingredients to make the meals a little better for you. Far from being a traditional rigid diet where dieters are told the foods they can and cannot eat, ‘Eat This, Not That’ puts the power in the hands of the individual, giving them the opportunity to make informed decisions about their favorite foods.

With more than 50,000 products covered in the book, ‘Eat This, Not That’ is a comprehensive guide to many of the most popular brands in the US and UK. Dieters can simply take the book with them to the grocery store and swap as they go, choosing more diet-friendly alternatives to their favorite foods. The easy to read, side-by-side comparisons included in the book makes it easy for dieters to find the worst offenders in their diet and select a viable alternative. Far from being a prescriptive diet plan where dieters are introduced to the newest diet fad, ‘Eat This, Not That’ allows dieters to continue making their own food choices, albeit with the aid of a little more information.

The one major criticism of ‘Eat This, Not That’ is that the book doesn’t actually provide any true diet advice, nor does it actually advocate healthy eating. As the book is premised around choosing healthier alternatives to ingredients already in a person’s diet, it presupposes that the diet is already balanced and healthy (when, objectively, it may well not be). Furthermore, many of the suggested ‘substitutions’ may in fact be highly processed ‘low fat’ foods that may appear to be better for you, but in actual fact divide medical opinion as to their overall health-value. While many will like the idea of still eating the same meals, simply with lower fat alternatives, this won’t always result in weight loss for those whose diet is already in need of serious change.

There’s no doubt that ‘Eat This, Not That’ has its place in the diet world. For those who would like an idea of the health properties of the favorite foods, as well as some idea of alternative items, this book is perfect. For those who are looking for a radical change or substantial weight loss however, this book probably isn’t the best choice – so we would suggest our readers look at alternative products elsewhere in the listings in this category.

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