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The Abs Diet (Zinczenko & Spiker) Reviews

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The Abs Diet (Zinczenko & Spiker) Review

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‘The Abs Diet’ is the world famous diet and exercise plan from Mens Health experts David Zinczenko and Ted Spiker. One of the most popular plans currently on the market, millions of dieters around the world have followed this diet and seen great results. Perhaps the most important point to make about The Abs Diet is that the whole book doesn’t focus on developing rippling abdominal muscles – rather, dieters are introduced to a realistic and common sense diet and exercise plan that allows rapid and successful weight loss in a short period of time (only the last chapter of the book concentrates specifically on abdominal workouts).

‘The Abs Diet’ is based on a couple of core principles that permeate the whole diet. Firstly, dieters have to eat six small meals a day, a habit that encourages a faster metabolism and boosts general energy levels and fitness. Secondly, dieters have to eat 7 portions of fruit and vegetables a day and must, where possible, incorporate as many of the 12 ‘powerfoods’ into their diet each day as possible. These foods are identified at the start of the book as ‘fat busting’ foods – ingredients that help the body break down fat and contribute towards the lean, flat stomach everyone is looking for. ‘The Abs Diet’ encourages dieters to set attainable goals, with fast weight loss, and offers dieters a number of additional tools to help them achieve these aims – such as exercise plans, glycemic index charts and nutrient tables.

Although ‘The Abs Diet’ is a worldwide bestseller, it isn’t without critics. Many complain that the diet’s ‘meal plans’ are not very inventive and mostly consist of sandwiches and shakes, making the diet boring in the long term. In order to combat this issue, we would suggest dieters purchase the companion cookbook or join ‘The Abs Diet’ Website, both of which offer a broader selection of recipes and meal plans. Secondly, dieters indicate that finding many of the ingredients used in the recipes can be difficult, especially if they live outside of the US. Finally, and perhaps most importantly, dieters have noted that eating six meals a day can be difficult, especially when these meals have to be slotted in around other commitments, such as a hectic work schedule.

All in all, ‘The Abs Diet’ does seem to divide people. Many view it as the sole reason they have managed to achieve the body they always wanted, while others comment that it is difficult to follow and unrealistic in the long term. We think that, even if you don’t follow the diet rigidly, many of the principles expressed in ‘The Abs Diet’ would help a dieter understand problem foods, learn to eat better and find new ways to lose weight and feel better – check it out today!

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