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Fat Loss 4 Idiots Review

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‘Fat Loss for Idiots’ is an accelerated fat loss diet that has helped dieters the world over start losing weight for improved health and wellbeing. ‘Fat Loss for Idiots’ offers dieters the opportunity to ditch the faddy super-low carb, low fat and low calorie diets and see a serious change to their bodies in just 11 days. As well as providing a set of basic rules to follow to ensure weight loss, ‘Fat Loss for Idiots’ also includes a number of tools, meal guides and recipes that helps to make following the diet even easier. What’s more, because the whole guide is available as an e-book package, you can start working on the ‘Fat Loss for Idiots’ diet in a matter of seconds.

The basis of the ‘Fat Loss for Idiots’ diet is what the authors describe as ‘calorie shifting’, where dieters are encouraged to eat different ‘types’ of calories in order to promote fast weight loss. Instead of basing the diet on low-carb or low-calorie plans, which are often difficult to follow and result in dieters feeling hungry, this ‘calorie shifting’ plan is essentially based around variety, meaning dieters shouldn’t ever get bored with what’s on offer here. ‘Fat Loss for Idiots’ indicates that, because the diet remains varied and the calories present are obtained through a number of different foods (with more than 3 meals per day being consumed as part of the diet), the hormonal response to food is altered, resulting in more effective and sustained weightloss.

Although the user testimonials (and before and after pictures) show that this diet does have a number of positive benefits, we’re not exactly sure that the ‘calorie shifting’ approach is the cause of this diet’s success. Simply put, although the diet isn’t an extremely low calorie diet, the meals in the plan are controlled so as to ensure only a certain number of calories are consumed – for dieters that will often overeat, this represents a calorie reduction that will likely result in weight loss. In this sense, in order to see benefits from this diet, it is essential dieters follow the meals plans exactly, meaning some dieters may struggle to keep losing weight in the long term.

Although the ‘Fat Loss for Idiots’ diet clearly does work for many dieters, we weren’t totally convinced by the idea that dieters can confuse their metabolism purely by eating different ‘types’ of calories. That said, if you’re not bothered about this element of the diet, and simply want to lose weight on a controlled ‘meal-plan’ style diet, this could still be perfect for you. Check it out today!

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