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Featured on Mens Fitness, Yahoo, Fox, in Muscle Mag and more, ‘Every Other Day Diet’ is a diet plan that helps dieters lose weight whilst still eating many of their favorite foods. Marketed as a diet plan that lets dieters ‘keep their sanity’ whilst they lose weight, the diet relies on alternating a regular healthy, balanced diet, with an intense, calorie reduced diet on alternate days. By ensuring that dieters consume only a very light amount of calories on ‘on’ diet days (around 300-400 calories), ‘Every Other Day Diet’ ensures that dieters can be successful in losing weight gradually over time.

Unlike other diets, the foundation of the ‘Every Other Day Diet’ isn’t a low carbohydrate, low calorie or low fat diet, but a diet that involves calorie restriction on some days. As dieters can continue to eat many of their favorite foods and can still enjoy occasional indulgences, the drudgery of most diets is removed. Similarly, ‘Every Other Day Diet’ advocates variety, encouraging dieters to try new foods and cuisines through its varied and tasty menu plans. Through ensuring that dieters receive a balanced intake of foods from all food groups, dieters can look forward to losing 10lbs or more within the first few weeks of the diet.

Unfortunately, ‘Every Other Day Diet’ doesn’t quite deserve our universal praise. Firstly, we worry that on diet ‘off days’ (that is where a ‘regular diet’ is to be maintained), dieters are likely to binge out of hunger and in anticipation of the diet ‘on days’ where only 300-400 calories will be consumed. Secondly, the constant calorie counting on diet ‘on days’ will be irritating for some dieters and may also prove difficult to stick to. Finally, there isn’t a great deal of guidance as to portion size (especially on diet ‘off days’, where dieters are essentially left to fend for themselves), which could create problems for many dieters.

Ultimately, ‘Every Other Day Diet’ is a classic ‘yo-yo’ diet, where dieters are encouraged to constantly flip-flop between low calorie days and high calorie days with little consistency or control. Also, for $47, the advice contained in ‘Every Other Day Diet’ isn’t as polished as we would have liked. Finally, because dieters are reliant on their own self-control on diet ‘off days’, it’s quite possible that those with underlying eating problems will consume twice as many calories on ‘off days’ to make up for the calorie restriction of diet ‘on days’ (the net result being a potential weight gain). If you have the required willpower, this diet could be perfect for you – if not, check out other diets in this category that will help you establish a more consistent approach to healthy eating.

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