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The Full Plate Diet: Slim Down, Look Great, Be Healthy! (Seale, Sherard & Fleming) Reviews

The Full Plate Diet: Slim Down, Look Great, Be Healthy! (Seale, Sherard & Fleming) image

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The Full Plate Diet: Slim Down, Look Great, Be Healthy! (Seale, Sherard & Fleming) Review

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The Full Plate Diet is a simple, straightforward healthy eating and healthy cooking plan that teaches dieters how to slim down, look great and be healthy for good. The Full Plate diet is one based ostensibly around moderation and most certainly isn’t a fad diet, but one that takes its inspiration from ‘mom knows best’ dieting. Written and endorsed by medical experts up and down the United States, The Full Plate Diet is a great choice for those who are looking for a diet based on solid science and medical evidence.

The Full Plate Diet starts off with two major propositions – firstly, that dieters add additional fiber to their diet (to see the major health benefits that this creates); and secondly, that members drink more water! These simple suggestions allow dieters to see serious health benefits whilst making fairly modest changes to their diet. Unlike other diets, individuals can use the book to learn how to incorporate their favorite foods into their diets in more health-friendly ways, as well as learning about the nutritional benefit of common foods so as to inform them about the effects they have on their bodies. This gradual approach to dieting means The Full Plate Diet is easy to follow and nowhere near as restrictive as other diets (such as Skinny Bitch, for example). What’s more, dieters should never feel hungry when following this plan, as the authors simply say that while portions of starches and meat should be appropriately restricted, portions of vegetables and certain fruits can be as large as necessary (so as to keep snacking at bay!)

As well as being a fairly simple diet to follow, the Full Plate Diet also contains a number of helpful tools that help make the principles included in the book even easier to incorporate into everyday life. Later chapters of the book give advice on eating on the go, at work, on the road or at restaurants, as well as providing helpful advice on avoiding temptation whilst at the grocery store. Extensive meal plans and a collection of tasty recipes (as well as suggestions as to how to make already healthy meals even better for you!) also help to make the diet easy to follow and interesting in the long term.

As diet books go, The Full Plate diet is certainly one of the better choices in the market. Giving honest, helpful and common sense advice, as well as a collection of tools that make the diet adaptable to modern living, we’re sure many of our readers will enjoy making changes to their diet and seeing the benefits as a result. Although weight loss with this diet isn’t likely to be rapid, the health benefits are potentially enormous, so check it out today!

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