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The South Beach Diet (Agatston) Review

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‘The South Beach Diet’ is the diet and healthy eating plan marketed as the ‘delicious, Doctor-designed, foolproof plan for fast and healthy weight loss’. Designed by Arthur Agatston M.D., ‘The South Beach Diet’ is a diet-modified carbohydrate plan that concentrates on high-fibre and lean proteins, whilst including a limited number of healthy fats. By concentrating primarily on diet and not on exercise (something that will no doubt appeal to those readers who are self-confessed exercise-phobics!), ‘The South Beach Diet’ teaches dieters how to change their diet to see astronomical results. Not only does the plan introduce dieters to new, healthy, flavoursome cuisine, but it also explains the effect this food has on their bodies (and alongside this, why other diets don’t work and the effect they have on overall health). If you’re looking for a diet that keeps you full and satisfied, whilst also helping you to lose weight, you’ve come to the right place!

Like many diets, ‘The South Beach Diet’ is based around a ‘phased’ method of dieting. Originally conceived by and tested on Dr. Agatston himself, the diet ensures that dieters can break their emotional and habitual ties to food, whilst learning to eat healthily and reintroduce problem foods in moderation. The first phase of the diet aims to stabilize food cravings, kick-start the weight loss and limit blood sugar surges. As such, Dr. Agatston recommends the removal of all bread, rice, pasta and fruit from the first stage of the diet in order to achieve this state of ‘stability’. This first phase lasts for two weeks, and although this may be difficult for some to manage, the diet provides followers with enough recipes and snack ideas that should help stave off boredom, hunger and cravings. The second phase reintroduces some carbohydrates and fruits, particularly whole wheat bread and small amounts of wholemeal pasta. The third phase begins once a target weight is achieved and allows for more reintroduction, but is intended to last the rest of the dieter's life. Whilst Dr. Agatston understands that dieters will occasionally lapse their diet for special occasions, holidays, sickness or simply out of occasional naughtiness, he insists that sticking to the diet in a general sense will result in maintaining a healthy weight.

There are many elements of ‘The South Beach Diet’ that are worthy of considerable praise. The diet itself is simple to follow, containing straightforward lists of ‘good’ and ‘bad’ foods, while encouraging dieters to be creative with the permitted foods (by stepping outside of the diet’s meal plans) and take control of their own eating habits. Similarly, dieters will be pleased to note that results tend to be fairly rapid and noticeable on ‘The South Beach Diet’, with many dieters experiencing weight loss of up to a stone within the first phase of the diet. Finally, serial dieters will be pleased to hear that feeling deprived simply isn’t part of ‘The South Beach Diet’ plan – with dieters being encouraged to eat larger portions of healthy foods so as to counteract the need to snack.

All in all, with a wide range of additional recipe books and guides, all of which come with the warm and friendly tone that is itself one of the most laudable elements of ‘The South Beach Diet’, this is a great option for those who are serious about losing weight – check it out today!

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