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Fat Burning Furnace Review

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‘Fat Burning Furnace’ is a diet e-book and recipe guide that aims to help dieters find the perfect combination of diet and exercise to result in optimal fat loss. ‘Fat Burning Furnace’ has already attracted thousands of dieters with its popular combined approach, providing not only the knowledge to lose weight, but also a wide range of tools and features that make dieting easier. It’s easy to feel lonely and depressed when following a strict diet, so the features in this diet ensure that although weight loss is unlikely to be a pleasant experience, dieters never feel deprived or hungry throughout the program.

‘Fat Burning Furnace’, unlike some other diets, relies just as much on exercise as on healthy eating. Firstly, the exercise program combines short bursts of high-intensity training with cardio training to build overall muscle mass and reduce body fat. This has the effect of improving the ‘RMR’ or ‘Resting Metabolic Rate’, causing the body to be more efficient at burning fat. The way in which cardio and high intensity training are combined means dieters need to spend less time working out in order to see the benefits – ideal for those who dislike exercise or find periods of continual exercise difficult.

Unfortunately, the diet element of ‘Fat Burning Furnace’ is far from original. Dieters are encouraged to eat a balanced diet containing all of the major food groups in moderation, including plenty of fruit and vegetables. Dieters are given the tools necessary to calculate how much they should be eating each day (both in terms of food portions and calorific value). The diet also contains information on the role of leptin in weight loss, the PH of foods, the glycemic index (and the GI values of foods in the diet) and portion control – all of which are explained in detail by the authors.

Although there are a number of additional elements to this diet that we found helpful (such as email coaching, newsletters, tips and tricks and help combating junk food cravings), most of the advice is simply recycled from other diets. Much of the actual diet advice is fairly vague and based on traditional ‘mom knows best healthy eating’ (which, although generally reliable, hardly results in the promised staggering results). For $39.97 however, we expected something a little more original, especially as this advice is readily available on the internet for free (or at least as part of one of the more popular diet plans in this category for a considerably smaller price). The exercise advice however, is pretty good, so if you’re interested in finding a way to halve the amount of time you spend exercising, whilst doubling the benefit, check out ‘Fat Burning Furnace’ today!

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