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‘Strip That Fat’ is a diet e-book that aims to help dieters stop yo-yo dieting, get out of the ‘diet mentality’ and start eating to live. ‘Strip That Fat’ helps dieters to break the emotional link with food and eating that often causes binge eating and overeating (and obviously results in weight gain). Designed in 2008, the ‘Strip That Fat’ eating plan allows dieters to eat the foods they enjoy, in moderation, whilst learning new ways to add healthy foods to their diet. Although many of the principles expressed in the ‘Strip That Fat’ diet are far from unique, many dieters find the common sense, no-nonsense way in which they are put together in this diet appealing. If you would like to find out how to lose weight whilst still eating the foods you enjoy, read on to find out more about ‘Strip That Fat’.

‘Strip That Fat’ is a simple diet plan that repackages tried and tested dieting techniques in ways suitable for modern living. Instead of spending hundreds of dollars a month on pills, supplements and expensive gym memberships, ‘Strip That Fat’ helps dieters make small changes that will have a big difference, while teaching them how to get the exercise they need in more wallet friendly ways. ‘Strip That Fat’ dieters have access to comprehensive meal plans and recipe guides, all of which provide them with the know-how needed to make great-tasting, exciting and healthy meals each and every day. Although the ‘Strip That Fat’ plan doesn’t focus on exercise as much as other plans, exercise advice is offered, although the ‘Strip That Fat’ diet plan can just as easily be combined with any exercise regime to see improved results. In case you weren’t convinced, dieters can also receive email coaching to help them through difficult periods and can take advantage of a full-money back, 60 day guarantee if they aren’t satisfied with the results of the diet.

Whilst most of the tips and tricks included in ‘Strip That Fat’ will help dieters lose weight, those who are looking for something unique and revolutionary won’t find it with this diet plan. If dieters are looking for rapid weight loss or the ‘next big thing’ in dieting, we would advise they check elsewhere in our reviews in this category to see what’s on the market. All in all, for $37, customers may find they get a lot of common sense advice that they may already know, but if you’re struggling to lose weight under your own steam, the information in the ‘Strip That Fat’ plan might just help you achieve your goals.

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