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The Truth About Abs (Geary) Review

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‘The Truth About Abs’ is the fitness and weight loss book from Mike Geary, the founder of busymanfitness.com. ‘The Truth About Abs’ is the most-read abs and weight-loss e-book in the world and provides dieters with a range of tips and tricks that are intended to improve abdominal muscles, diet and overall health. Although many may think this diet program is ostensibly a male-only diet, ‘The Truth About Abs’ is equally suitable for men and women of all ages. An honest and helpful source, ‘The Truth About Abs’ has already helped thousands of dieters achieve the abs they always wanted, whilst providing diet and healthy eating advice that contributes to better overall health.

The ‘The Truth About Abs’ program is a combined approach that addresses dietary changes whilst also helping dieters tone up their abdominal muscles using a range of easy workout exercises. The diet itself is based on moderation and variety, giving dieters all the sustenance they need whilst also incorporating a range of ‘powerfoods’ that help speed up fat loss. Unlike other diets, the ‘The Truth About Abs’ plan doesn’t require dieters to take supplements or pills, use gadgets or ab belts or do endless crunches each and every day. By encouraging dieters to follow this ‘little and often approach’ they can see results in only a matter of weeks.

As well as providing dieters with a comprehensive diet and exercise regime, ‘The Truth About Abs’ also offers a range of great additional features. Firstly, dieters can pick up a great free DVD ‘The 5 Keys to Guaranteed Fat Loss’ to help them speed up their weight loss. All users can also join the ‘The Truth About Abs’ membership site, featuring advice from Kim Lyons (from TV’s Biggest Loser), where members can get their questions answered, pick up new healthy-eating recipes and much more. As well as this, throughout the process dieters can also check out the extensive FAQs section to help them address common problems that they may have whilst following the ‘The Truth About Abs’ program. Finally, the ‘The Truth About Abs’ plan comes complete with a 60-day money back guarantee, so there really is no reason not to try the plan out for size.

By combining a great diet program with a range of stomach-fat burning exercises, ‘The Truth About Abs’ gives dieters the opportunity to have the abs they have always dreamed of. As well as providing all of the diet and fitness advice you could ever need, ‘The Truth About Abs’ also gives dieters access to a wide range of additional tools that help make following the diet a little easier. Finally, those who are interested in giving ‘The Truth About Abs’ a go for the first time can get trial access to the e-book, e-course and all additional materials for 21 days (enough time to test out the diet and exercises for a little while to see if they are for you), for just $4.95. All in all, if you’re looking to lose weight and tone up, give ‘The Truth About Abs’ a try today!

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