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Top Secret Fat Loss Secret (Gudakunst) Reviews

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Top Secret Fat Loss Secret (Gudakunst) Review

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‘Top Secret Fat Loss Secret’ is an e-book written and released by Dr. Suzanne Gudakunst and purports to have the secret to permanent, easy fat loss for all. Although many of the basic principles of this diet follow a standard pattern of moderation, dietary variety, hydration and fruit and vegetable intake, there are a number of elements of the diet that are specific to this product. Unfortunately, it is these elements that have sparked a considerable amount of controversy in recent years, especially from medical experts and those who have tried the diet and have been unsatisfied with the results.

Dr. Suzanne’s diet secret is based on two major propositions – firstly that people struggling with a weight problem generally have a poor diet (and that this is a contributory cause of weight gain) and secondly, that people who are serious about losing weight need to address plaque and parasite buildup in the colon (that hinders weight loss and causes numerous other health issues). The program recommends two different approaches to deal with these issues. The first is dealt with using a range of recommendations, many of which users will be familiar with, such as advocating lifestyle change, reducing the intake of processed foods, increasing consumption of fruit, vegetables and water, reduce portion sizes and taking regular exercise. In order to deal with the problem of poor colon health, the program recommends taking laxative products and a 40% fiber detox in order to cleanse the colon.

All in all, we’re not sure the content of this program really warrants its $37 price tag. The dietary advice contained within the product is hardly original (especially considering this product was supposed to reveal an earth-shattering secret) and is largely the sort of advice that would be given by any regular diet book or nutritionist. Secondly, we’re not completely convinced that the ‘plaque and critters’ approach to colonic health is altogether that accurate and don’t buy that all overweight people are the victims of various parasitic infestations. The medical evidence included here is also spurious, especially when it comes to identifying the main parasitic culprits (which the site lists as Paragonimus Westermani, a parasite known for causing dysentery in the African sub-continent - hardly the cause of all-America's weight problems!).

Overall, Dr. Suzanne isn’t that convincing. Although we’re sure you lose weight and feel better if you follow many of the basic rules in this diet, these rules aren’t original and are available for free all over the web. As far as the rest of the diet is concerned, we don’t feel the dubious advice offered warrants a $37 price ticket, so we would suggest our readers check out other diets in this category to find one that is perfectly suited to their needs.

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