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YOU: On a Diet (Roizen & Oz) Review

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‘You: On A Diet’ is the diet, fitness and health manual from the authors of the number one New York Times Bestseller, ‘You: The Owner’s Manual’. This diet book professes to be the only tool you need to succeed at ‘waist management’, providing dieters with a set of simple, common-sense principles to promote weight loss and healthy eating. ‘You: On A Diet’ gives dieters the opportunity to ditch yo-yo diets, fad diets, diet pills and hypnosis CD’s and concentrate on making simple changes to achieve great results. What’s more, because the authors of the diet (and all of its accompanying literature) are trusted family doctors and nutritional experts, you can be sure that all of their experience in dealing with overweight patients is used to inform the diet every step of the way.

‘You: On A Diet’ aims to be a little different and to provide dieters with alternative ways of looking at their diet and overall health. Firstly, ‘You: On A Diet’ teaches dieters to concentrate on their waist size, and not on their weight, giving them a real indication of their progress (not to mention one that is less prone to continual fluctuation). As waist size is directly linked with overall health and isn’t so affected by muscle mass as weight is, dieters with ‘You: On A Diet’ can understand just how well they are doing. Secondly, ‘You: On A Diet’ aims to be more than just a diet plan – instead it offers dieters the knowledge they need to understand the effects certain foods have on their overall health so they can move forward without having to follow a rigid meal plan for the rest of their lives. Finally, by providing an insight into the way the body stores and burns fat (and thus, why some people are overweight), the ‘You: On A Diet’ plan teaches dieters why other diets may not succeed.

The ‘two-prong’ approach advocated by ‘You: On A Diet’ is simple. First, dieters are introduced to the diet through a two-week reboot, where they can expect to lose at least two inches from their waistline as well as dropping a few pounds. Unlike other diets, the two-week reboot concentrates on moderation and variety, and although some dieters will see their carbohydrate and fat intake reduced, the plan advocated by this diet doesn’t mean giving up carbohydrates for good. After the two week reboot, ‘You: On A Diet’ provides a range of meal plans and recipes to help you on your way. As well as the diet plan, there’s also a great exercise plan, ‘The You Workout’ that will help you boost your fat loss and see a vast improvement in a matter of weeks.

All in all, we were impressed by what the ‘You: On A Diet’ plan had to offer. By providing dieters with a range of resources and a healthy, moderated, varied eating plan, the diet ensures that dieters can follow the plan long term without getting bored. Furthermore, the book is also accessible and friendly, written in a humorous and positive style that we’re sure will prove popular. If you’re interested in losing weight or simply living more healthily, check out ‘You: On A Diet’ today.

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