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Skinny Bitch (Freedman & Barnouin) Reviews

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Skinny Bitch (Freedman & Barnouin) Review

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Skinny Bitch is a lighthearted, laugh-out-loud diet and health book written by Rory Freedman and Kim Barnouin. Written in their unique style, ‘Skinny Bitch’ is the diet book written for those who are ‘ready to hear the truth’. This book is a serious bestseller, having spent a number of weeks at the top of the New York Times Bestsellers list and the tart-tongued style of the authors (a former modelling agent and model respectively) has become synonymous with tough-love in the diet world. Whilst the book has already hit the top of the bestsellers list on both sides of the pond, its forthright and direct style is patently not for everyone. If you have a thick skin, and can handle a book with serious attitude, this one could well be for you.

The Skinny Bitch diet is objectively fairly extreme, combining what is essentially a strict vegan diet with a extensive range of other food ‘no-no’s’ and exclusions. In order to lose weight, so say the books authors, dieters must avoid caffeine, alcohol, chemical additives, preservatives, refined sugar and much more. It’s no doubt that the diet espoused in this book is fat-busting, because, quite simply, it contains almost no fat at all. Finally, whilst the book itself contains a collection of recipes and meal plans, avid followers of the Skinny Bitch diet can add to their recipe repertoire by buying the companion cookbooks and recipe guides to stop food getting boring and repetitive.

Fundamentally, if you follow the diet in the book religiously and take on board all of its advice, the chances are you’ll be successful in losing weight. There’s no doubt that the eating advice doled out in this book is extreme and will require some serious willpower. Furthermore, Skinny Bitch has taken some criticism for promoting some fairly dubious science (such as that meat is ‘rotting flesh’ while vegetables are ‘still living’) and for using the diet-book stage as an opportunity to evangelize about the evils of factory farming, animal cruelty and the morality of a vegan diet. Finally, the extreme nature of the diet contained within Skinny Bitch means that unless you’re totally serious about following the book’s advice to the letter, you may struggle to keep up and may end up feeling demoralized.

All in all, if you’re looking to make a serious change and kickstart your weight loss, Skinny Bitch could be for you. Similarly, while the forthright style and vitriol-laced tirades in the book add humour and ‘bitchy’ personality for some, others may well be put off by what is perceived as a ‘bullying’ approach to dieting. Whatever you think about the writing itself, if you want to be successful with the Skinny Bitch diet you have to be willing to make (and stick to) some pretty extreme dietary changes. If you think you have what it takes, and will do anything to see results, check this book out today!

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