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The Harcombe Diet - Stop Counting Calories and Start Losing Weight: Diet Book (Harcombe) Reviews

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The Harcombe Diet - Stop Counting Calories and Start Losing Weight: Diet Book (Harcombe) Review

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The Harcombe Diet is the diet and healthy eating plan from Zoe Harcombe, a nutritional expert and Cambridge graduate who has spent a number of years researching the causes of overeating. Zoe’s particular experience is in dealing with food cravings and intolerances, and in the way the body actually digests food, so if you’ve ever struggled to stick to a diet and can’t understand why, crave particular foods, or have unpleasant symptoms after eating, this book will explain why. Armed with the knowledge of how to deal with your food issues, The Harcombe diet will then show you how to lose weight and keep it off for good - by enjoying a healthy, balanced and ‘fresh’ diet.

Zoe Harcombe explains that the three main causes of food cravings are Candida, Food Intolerances or Hypoglycaemia. The diet helps you to distinguish which foods you are intolerant to, which foods you crave unnecessarily and which foods are craved because of various nutritional deficiencies and conditions. Like many diets, the Harcombe Diet is a ‘phased’ plan – in the first phase, dieters follow a very restricted diet aimed at breaking food cravings and dealing with the underlying issues. Whilst some dieters may find this difficult, this phase only lasts for five days and is easily more manageable than more extreme diets, such as 7lbs in 7 days or Atkins. After this first phase, dieters are encouraged to reintroduce foods within the scope of the diet’s allowed and disallowed lists. One of the great things about this diet is that dieters should genuinely never feel hungry – in order to ensure dieters aren’t tempted back to unhealthy snacks, carbohydrates or food cravings, they can eat as much as they like from the ‘allowed list’. This is great news for those who often feel like dieting means deprivation.

In order to ensure that dieters stick to the plan and benefit from its fat-busting properties, Harcombe provides a range of meal plans, recipes and ingredient lists that help to keep meals varied and exciting. Harcombe also takes the hassle out of shopping, by providing a helpful shopping guide to stop you feeling tempted whilst in the grocery store. Finally, at the back of the book, there is a great searchable index that helps you use the ingredients you have in the cupboard, as well as a comprehensive Q&A section that helps you address common problems and issues that other dieters have experienced whilst following the diet.

All in all, The Harcombe Diet offers dieters an opportunity to break the cycle of cravings and weight gain by looking at practical and science-based ways to address overeating. With a range of good features and recipes, as well as a collection of companion books that can help vary the diet even further, the Harcombe Diet is a good choice for anyone who is serious about losing weight and making a change.

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