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The Best Life Diet (Greene) Review

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The Best Life Diet is the diet and fitness plan from Oprah Winfrey’s long-time health adviser, fitness coach and friend, Bob Greene. The Best Life Diet first came to the fore following Oprah’s impressive weight loss a few years ago, and with the support of the Oprah brand (and considerable coverage on her television show and in her magazine) the Best Life Diet has become a worldwide, household name. In short, The Best Life Diet teaches dieters how to live a better life – get more exercise, improve their diet, and generally see the benefits of improved health. Whilst the diet is not exactly the easiest to follow, the results are obvious and the principles are common sense. If you’re looking for a change of lifestyle and a diet that works – this one could well be for you! Read on to find out more…

The Best Life Diet is all about ditching the crash diets and making solid, sustainable, common sense improvements to your diet and exercise plan. There’s no calorie counting or measuring here, the diet is simply about moderation and sensible eating. There’s a considerable focus on cooking and preparing food from scratch, something that may be alien to some dieters, but a feature that certainly encourages a positive attitude to food and eating. As with some other diets, The Best Life Diet is a ‘phased’ plan that encourages dieters to make changes gradually to help them eliminate problem foods and get over bad habits that have built up over time. The Best Life Diet can be praised for its flexibility – if you’re a good cook and you’re adventurous with food (as well as having the willpower to alter recipes without taking away their healthy properties), you can achieve great things, but equally, if you lack willpower or knowledge about healthy cooking, you can simply follow the meal plans word-for-word and achieve equally impressive results. The shopping list advice, foods index, recipes and meal plans mean that you can start to see results from the very first day of dieting with this plan.

Although we generally like The Best Life Diet, we do have a few minor quibbles that need to be taken into account. While dieters can expand their recipe repertoire with companion cookbooks and recipe guides, building up the whole recipe collection with this diet could be extremely costly. Similarly, throughout the book, Bob Greene will reference recipes and exercise techniques that are “great” or work well for a particular issue, but dieters will have to purchase an additional book or guide in order to find out the full details. Although there are a lot of positive elements about this book, in order to get the best out of what this diet has to offer, we think dieters will have to invest fairly heavily in other titles in the series.

With the long-term approach, common sense advice and flexibility, this diet has the makings of a great option, especially for someone who has struggled with fad diets in the past. If you’re willing to invest in other books in the series (each of which retails at around $10) if you are to continue the diet in the long term, this could well be a great choice for you! Check it out today!

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