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Dr. Atkins New Diet Revolution (Atkins) Reviews

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Dr. Atkins New Diet Revolution (Atkins) Costs & Features

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  • Paperback (Amazon) - $7.99
  • Hardback (Amazon) - $16.47
  • Amazon Kindle Edition (Amazon) - $8.60


  • Try out the fat-busting diet that has taken America and the world by storm.
  • The original Dr. Atkins plan spent more than 250 weeks on the New York Times Bestsellers List.
  • Dr. Atkins is the big daddy of the low carbohydrate diets, now one of the most common weight loss techniques currently being used.
  • Join the millions of people who have already tried the Atkins diet and the 25,000 patients of Dr. Atkins, who accredit their weight loss to him.
  • Lose a large amount of weight in a relatively small amount of time by strictly following the Dr. Atkins regime.
  • Designed to push your body into a state of fat-meltdown by targeting insulin production to reduce fat storage.
  • Hunger is definitely not part of this plan - never feel like you are starving yourself to get thin!
  • This new edition explains the exact science behind the diet in seven new chapters.
  • Use hundreds of great low-carb recipes including many of your favorite dishes.
  • Easy to use index - find the foods you love and where they feature in the recipes.
  • Carbohydrate gram counter - find out exactly how much carbohydrate is in your favorite foods, find out more about cholesterol and heart health.
  • There's also a vast collection of companion books, recipe guides and websites (both official and unofficial) to help you follow the diet.
  • The diet alters as you begin to lose weight, gradually reintroducing forbidden foods in small portions.
  • Combat your cravings by replacing them with "allowed" snacks.
  • Available in paperback, hardback and kindle editions.


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