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I Can Make You Thin (Paul McKenna) Reviews

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I Can Make You Thin (Paul McKenna) Costs & Features

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  • Book & CD Package (Amazon) - $15.61


  • I Can Make You Thin is a revolutionary diet system with amazing results.
  • Used by more than 3 million people around the world, I Can Make You Thin has been accredited with some of the most staggering weight loss examples from the celebrity world.
  • Described by some as the 'Dr Phil of the UK', Paul McKenna works with celebrities, royalty, top business leaders and more.
  • For years, Paul McKenna has helped people lose weight, quit smoking, eliminate stress, overcome insomnia and more.
  • Follow the four simple rules laid out by Paul and have them reinforced by the hypnosis CD.
  • Common sense principles mean the diet is easy to follow.
  • The book itself is refreshingly light, jargon-free and entertaining.
  • Easily couple the plan with a general healthy-eating plan and improved fitness.
  • Change your bad habits of a lifetime without having to follow a rigid, 'traditional' diet regime.
  • Never feel deprived or hungry, simply learn to eat until you are full.
  • Check out the chapters on self-sabotage to address issues as they arrise.
  • Read success stories in the book of those who have already seen the results of this great diet.
  • Feel more motivated than ever before by changing negative practices and addressing core issues concerning your eating habits.
  • Learn to stick to the diet and say no to second helpings.
  • Book and Hypnosis CD Package.


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