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Winning by Losing (Jillian Michaels) Reviews

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Winning by Losing (Jillian Michaels) Costs & Features

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  • Paperback (Amazon) - $7.99
  • Amazon Kindle Edition (Amazon) - $9.87


  • Winning By Losing is brought to market by Jillian Michaels (from TV's The Biggest Loser), one of TV's toughest and most successful fitness and health gurus.
  • Follow her 3 'S' plan - Self, Science and Sweat - to see great results.
  • Jillian Michaels' 'no nonsense, no excuses' style comes through in the book, giving dieters a  kickstart in their dieting.
  • Features and tips in the book encourage the creation of a support system (e.g. A Diet Journal) that helps dieters stick to the diet.
  • Jillian dispels diet myths about skipping meals and diet pills.
  • Check out Jillian's guide to reading food labels and understanding what's in your food.
  • Read up on ways to cook healthily at home, even when you're not directly following the recipes.
  • Read the 'Eating Out Guide' and 'Grocery Guide' to help you stick to the plan throughout your daily life.
  • Follow Jillian's recipe and meal plans - having a healthy diet has never been easier.
  • Follow Jillian's strict exercise regimes to see the pounds fall off!
  • Complete gym guides, including photographs, ensures you won't have to waste money on expensive personal trainers.
  • Benefit from a number of companion books, recipe guides and websites.


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