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A dangerous self hating book
21 March 2024
Reviewer: Ada from Australia

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This book sent me into a self-hatred, fat shaming spiral for more than 5 years. I HAVE NEVER BEEN SO HORRIBLE TO MYSELF. Like, that needed two years of solid therapy to get over.
Do not let a teen ever read this!

It trolls obesity with no actual medical guidance. Its more a guide on a perfect strategy how to remain single, get hated by your co workers, friends and family and just starve … because to these two… all that really matters is “fashion, followers and pintrest” at the cost of any individual happiness.

I’m Now on ozempic, I lost all the weight effortlessly in 3 months and realising I have the adipose that makes you put it all back on.. (thank you to Oprah for actually addressing this with sound medical advise on her weightloss special she did this year 2024).

But the damage this single book caused me is universally unforgivable. And I officially hate you both. I don’t forgive you and may you get karma for it every day. This feels like it was literally written by a conspiracy theorist with a sick view on how to treat women.

If you read it- I’m going to say, take it with a large mug of “Karen bile”, with extra salt… because that’s the only taste you get from it. And their words will dig into your bones like that cow who teased you into starving in the 6th grade and you wanted to walk on the freeway.. that is how bad this book is. I’m going to say it’s dangerous. Look at all the one star reviews of people who read it years ago and are still hurting who have come back to do this because it still hits them years later.

A failed “Devil wears Prada” zeal in a world that no longer tolerates people who are like this.

Stop writing, you both are completely tone deaf and the world does not accept the rude you vomit out anymore.
Back of the line boomer Karen, I don’t care what size you are, you are a rotten soul and not worth looking at.

And judging by your current pics, skinny doesn’t fix your rapid aging - you look like boomers.. you write like them too.

This book went in the burn pile

In summary, I would not recommend Skinny Bitch (Freedman & Barnouin) to a friend.

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